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For the collector's edition, I wanted to maintain the idea of making this book accessible to as many people as possible. With that in mind I have created a limited number of books with an original sketch on the second page. An example of this sketch can be seen in the photos underneath.

Collectors Edition sketch in the book of drawings by Dorian VallejoCollectors Edition sketch in the book of drawings by Dorian Vallejo

Ordered this book right away, with the original sketch inside - Dorian, you have the gift my friend. What a special, special collection you have created with this - nicely done my friend. There is a certian easy, yet strong flow to your work. Your sense of light and shadow are spot on. Thank you for sharing this with us.
- Mark

"Got your book Saturday, Dorian...fabulous! It will be a treasured part of my art library. Thank you, and best wishes for continued success."
- Steven

Hello Dorian,
I just got your book in the mail on Friday! I am so grateful for all your hard work. It is truly a beautiful collection of drawings. And I feel so lucky to have your original drawing in the front. It is gorgeous as well. My husband (also an artist) likens your drawings to Klimt. High praise in our home. I wish you much success with this and all your Art. Keep up the great work. I hope we will get a chance to meet in person some day. If you ever find yourself in NC, please let me know.

"I received your book today! it is "Magnificent". I love it. Thank you so much!!!!"

Hey Dorian,
I'm finally sitting down to tell you all about my Father's Day gift. The week prior to that Sunday I had mentioned your book to my wife but wasn't sure if she would get one. I was also unsure if the time frame for the collectors edition had expired. Then a few days later I was glad to be instructed not to open any packages in the mail. So on Father's Day I opened my gift and was so excited to see not only the cover of your book but your signature as well. I quickly flipped the cover open to see the actual drawing you did on the first page. A beautiful drawing of a female standing with her head tilted downward and her hands playing with her long brown hair, with your name running through the hands like a Stradivarius. Now I not only own this incredible collection of drawings, but my copy is a one of a kind original! So thank you for taking the time to include this bonus drawing for me to enjoy. This is obviously not something simply thrown together but instead a well thought out presentation of drawing that stand up individually and as a collective group. Works of art that both push the envelope of experimentation with mixed media yet embody the core foundations of classic realism.
I will keep this book safe and treasure it always!
Thank you, and congratulations!
- Scott

"Hi Dorian.
I just got my book and was blown away by the drawing you made in the front... it's just fabulously expressive... and red!!! I really appreciate it .
All the best,

You approach your work with honesty, dedication, and love. Because of this, and your clear sense of direction, you must succeed. Congratulations on realizing each of these drawings, and the book to bring them all together. Much luck.

Hi Dorian,
I just received your book and I just wanted to say it was worth the wait. The original drawing is a great treat but the drawingsinside are my true inspiration.
Thank you for sharing your talent and creativiity with the world.
Best regards,

Hi Dorian,
I received your beautiful book in the mail yesterday.

It's spectacular and I feel so lucky to have one of your signed copies.

The layout is terrific. Very sensitive use of type and color.

The drawings are, of course, amazing too. Many of them have a Maxfield Parrish feel in terms of color style, yet in a more free-flowing 21st century way. These days I get very frustrated at all the Adobe Illustrator-generated vector graphics. There's simply nothing that compares with the personal touch of hand-drawn lines, shading, and use of color.

Once again, congratulations on such a major accomplishment.


Hi Dorian,

I just received my collector's copy of "Drawings Inspired by Life" and it is gorgeous! Beautiful art and inspiring in its own right. Love the sketch. What medium is the girl's dress rendered in? I think my favorite drawing is on page 37. I see a mermaid when I look at it!

"Dorian; Checked the mail very late tonight..(2:15AM here) and was very happy to find your beautiful book of drawings. Of course I'll be awake most of the night as I am spending time with each page. Thank you!"

Dorian, Thank you. I recieved your beautiful book and with your original drawing inside. Just oneof my treasured possessions. You are a very inspirational & generous man . Thanks Sarah::))


I love your work,
, expressive,
all those languid bodies and beautiful models, y
ou capture them with your soul,
and with the wonder that is there,
there is
great depth of presence,

Simply amazing! I cant tell you how excited I was to finally get that book in my hands and the added surprise is wonderful! Thank you so much you sweet soul! Muah!!!
- Stephanie

Dorian thank you for the inspiration you set for ME as an up and coming artist. It is the inspiration of knowing that I can create work that I love that hopefully will reach the outside art world. Although I am still a senior in college and working on my degree in fine art, seeing what you do and continue to do, gives me hope as an artist. I will be purchasing your book and hope to one day meet the man who put so much time and effort into it in order share his story with the world. Congratulations on your book and I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful paintings and drawings. Know that what you do makes a difference to someone like me. Thank you Dorian.
- Lucero

The book has arrived! It's beautiful!

Great B/W photo of Liana and you in studio, and above all; your sincerity, "as an artist, there is an ever-increasing sensitivity to the world around us, and a desire to create work in a way that reflects that sensitivity" , "Quality=Interest"....

Great book Dorian!! Thanks for the kind personal note! Can't decide whether to put it between my Dali and Sargeant books, or the Pontormo and Rembrandt. lol. I have some time to decide, it won't be in the bookcase for awhile yet. Very impressive my friend

Dorian, I received my book today and it is absolutely beautiful! You are truly a wonderful and talented person. Thank you for the special note...
Ann Marie

I'm ordering another book with a drawing for a friend today. He looked at mine and said he has to have one.
- Scott

I have been meaning to write you and thank you for the wonderful portrait you did of me in your book. I love the book and all of the drawings in it truly inspire me. It was so thoughtful of you to do something that personal for me and I am deeply touched by it. You are AWESOME!
Thanks again,

Beautiful book, and thanks so much for the kind words. I will promote it shamelessly on my sites.

Drawings: Inspired by Life, Dorian Vallejo

Hardcover: 192 pages
10.35x12.85 x 1.0 inches
Publisher: Open Palette Press

ISBN-10 : 0984303405
ISBN-13: 978098430340

For Dorian Vallejo, drawing is an integral part of the creative process. The drawings selected for this volume represent some of the work he does from life. They offer a glimpse of his art done solely for the pleasure of creative research and the visual expression of ideas.

In part, they owe their roots to the centuries old tradition of academic figure drawing. However, they are not a strict adherent of any school in particular. Instead, that tradition is used as a point of departure.

Here we view drawings that seek to capture visually, a distinct feeling, tone or mood. In some cases the figure is used in a symbolic manner, hinting at phases or streams of conscious awareness that are present as we trail off into sleep. In other cases the symbolism is a visual interpretation of the dual nature of our existence. Still, other drawings are experiments in movement and over lapping forms. Also represented, are several gestures that display the characteristic beauty inherent in the tangible expressions of rapid creation.

In this collection of drawings are many avenues of thought allowing for a view into the birth of ideas that may later become paintings. One consistently present element is Vallejo?s appreciation for the beauty of life and the feminine in particular. With rare exception his subjects in this volume are all women represented in the bloom of youth. There is a feeling that these beautiful young women who paused for a brief moment to be immortalized, in spite of the ever changing flux of life, will grace us with the memory of their essence, like the flowers of spring.

In every one of these drawings is clearly a mind wholly, completely and faithfully committed to the pursuit of excellence. This book, the first devoted to the artwork of Dorian Vallejo will be a treasured prize in the libraries of all who love art.